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Should You Switch to December 2018 Singapore Savings Bonds?

This month SSB has again reached another high since inception at 1.89% interest for a holding period of 1 year. Not only did the short term interest rate raised, the long term interest rate for holding 10 years had also raised to 2.57% from the previous month. This makes the current issue of SSB m…

October 2018 Portfolio Results

In October, the STI had fallen by 7.32% which almost wipeout all of the unrealized gains for my portfolio. Luckily, my portfolio still manages to close with a small unrealized gain at the end of the month. Despite the fall, I am still comfortable to hold on to my portfolio as the dividends collect…

October 2018 Dividend Collected

Dividend payout for the month of October 2018

Average Monthly Dividend (YTD): $1,385
Target Total Dividend for 2018: $16,000

October is a relatively quiet month for dividends. We are looking forward to November where bulk of the dividends payment will be made, especially f…

October 2018 Portfolio Updates

Stock Allocation
There was no stock transaction done for the month of October 2018. This is the month of Red October where STI has fallen below the support of 3000 points. But fortunately on the last day of the month, the market show signs of rebounding and managed to close slightly above it. Head…