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5-Year T2023-S$ Temasek Bond Buy! Buy! Buy!

This is the first time Temasek has offered a 5-year bond, T2023-S$, which will be listed on the SGX and made available to the public. The offer is up to S$400 million, with potential upsize to S$500 million if oversubscribe. The bond has an interest rate of 2.70% per annum payable semi-annually. Applications must be in multiples of S$1,000 with minimum of S$1,000.
For comparison, a 10-year Singapore Savings Bond has an average interest rate of 2.48%, and a 5-year Singapore Savings Bond is 2.22% for November 2018 issue. This makes the Temasek Bond much more attractive than the Singapore Savings Bond. The logical thinking will be to redeem all our Singapore Savings Bond and buy the Temasek Bond. But note that there is only S$400 million, or S$500 million if oversubscribe, for subscription which includes institutional placement, accredited investors and public. The public tranche is only up to S$200 million. It is expected that the bond will be heavily oversubscribed, so it is unlikely …

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Updates on Portfolio Realized and Unrealized Profit

My portfolio has swung back into the positive region from last month bad result due to the fall of 800 Super. This month, the spotlight is now on M1 as Keppel and SPH bid for majority control over M1. The general offer price of $2.06 is at 26% premium of the closing price before trading was halted…

September 2018 Dividend Collected

Dividend payout for the month of September 2018

Average Monthly Dividend (YTD): $1,463
Target Total Dividend for 2018: $16,000

In my previous post, I have compared my portfolio to the Morningstar® Singapore Yield Focus Index and both p…

September 2018 Portfolio Updates

Stock Allocation Change Log Added Frasers Property Limited Overall, I think the month of September offered a sigh of relief as the fear of EM contagion and trade wars have subsided towards the end of the month. The US market reached all-time high and the Singapore market has rebounded back. It eve…

Have you truly reached FIRE?

When I first came across the term FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early), my first thought is that it is just a 'hipster' term to describe people achieving financial independence. FIRE seems to be more popular in the western culture and among the younger people. The term financial ind…

Singapore Savings Bonds October 2018

For those who are interested in 'timing' the rates before subscribing, you would have read that the US central bank is looking at 2 more interest rate hikes by the end of the year as US economy continues to expand at a faster pace. The hikes will result in the short-term rates to rise. The…

Updates on Portfolio Realized and Unrealized Profit

My portfolio continued to fall and has entered into a region with unrealized loss (excluding dividends). This can be attributed mainly to the huge drop in the price of 800 Super after they released their 4th quarter report. The company had sank into the red for the quarter and the announced divide…

August 2018 Dividend Collected

Dividend payout for the month of August 2018
FRASERS L&I TRKEPPEL DC REITSINGTELM1SHENG SIONGVICOMST ENGINEERINGFRASERS CPT TRMAPLETREE NAC TRMAPLETREE COM TRSTARHUB There are 4 more months to go and the dividend collected so far has not exceeded last year total payout but it should be on targ…

The 'Noble' Hustle

The reason why the article is titled The "Noble" Hustle is because of a documentary which I came across recently and thought that the abovementioned quote in the film is quite applicable in the Noble Group episode. 'The China Hustle' is a documentary directed by Jed Rothstein whi…

August 2018 Portfolio Updates

Stock Allocation
There was no stock transaction done for the month of August 2018. Hopefully, there will be opportunities next month as the trade war reignites. Asset Allocation Change Log
Added NikkoAM SGD IGBond ETF As mentioned here, I have subscribed to the NikkoAM SGD IGBond ETF as part of my…

Portfolio Realized and Unrealized Profit

Portfolio has recovered slightly from the drop due the property cooling measures and trade war but the Singapore market remains weak. Currently looking at Finance and Property sectors.

Opinion on Robo-Advisor

OCBC has jumped onto the bandwagon to introduce robo-advisor service with a high management fee of 1.5%. Regardless of whether you seek a human financial advisor or a robo-advisor, their primary goal is to earn money from you either through selling of financial products or fees. Take note that the…

Review on Investment Blogs

The following are some of the blogs which I read and my opinion of them. There are many other blogs which I also read to learn from their portfolio composition and to look for investment ideas. Financial HorseFinancial Horse is currently my most read investment blog which has many articles with goo…

Portfolio Sector Diversification

REIT remains the largest holding in my portfolio. Geographical diversification is not so much of a concern as most stocks are already diversified across countries.

Dividend Collected 2018

My primary objective for investing has always been about dividend income stream and capital appreciation been secondary. This should not be taken as blindly going after high dividend yield.