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Feb 2019 Singapore Savings Bond

The Feb issue for Singapore Savings Bonds was quite disappointing as both the interest rates for  short and long term were lower and did not match up to the previous month issue. The interest rate for the first 3 years remains constant and there is no premium in holding the bond for a longer perio…

2018 Portfolio Performance Review

Total Portfolio Unrealized Gain/ Loss: -$745.50
Total Dividend Collected: $74,855.89
XIRR (Since Inception): 4.85%

In 2018, my portfolio has lost all its lustre as all the unrealized gains were wiped out in 2018. But there is no reason for me to panic as the dividends collected over the years prov…

Dividend Collected in 2018

Dividend/ Interest payout for the month of December 2018

Total Dividend for 2018: $16,517.28
Average Monthly Dividend (YTD): $1,376.44
Total Dividend Collected (Since Inception): $74,855.89

The dividend collected in 2018 has exceeded the target …

2018 Year-End Portfolio Allocation Review

Stock Allocation

There was no stock transaction for the month of December 2018. Next capital injection should be around Feb 2019.

There is a possibility that US and China may reach an agreement earlier than Mar as Trump recently tweeted that the negotiations are making good progress. This would be…