Portfolio Allocation (November 2019) - Mapletree and Ascendas

Stock Allocation

Change Log

  • Allocated MAPLETREE COM TR PO with excess
  • Applied ASCENDAS REIT R with excess

Portfolio Allocation

There was quite a significant amount of capital injection, due to the Mapletree Comm Trust PO and Ascendas REIT rights issue, for the month of Nov. As I wasn't holding any A-REIT shares prior to the announcement of rights issue, I had to buy the shares before XR/XD to take part in the rights issue. Although the results for A-REIT are not out yet, I did apply for quite a good-sized of excess rights. Hopefully, I can get as much rights as I got for my MCT PO. The result will only be out on 6 Dec. By the way, I got all the excess shares that I applied for MCT PO.

I also decided to close my position in Mapletree NAC Trust due to the situation in Hong Kong after Festival Walk mall was targeted. But it seems that the situation has improved now after the pro-democrats won the district council elections. In any case, I do not want to gamble on the outcome of Hong Kong political situation, so I will not be looking at the stock for the time being.

There are a few rumors ongoing related to the stocks which I am holding. One of which is the merger of Frasers L&I Trust and Frasers Comm Trust. I am only holding FLT at the moment so it still unclear whether deal will be beneficial to me. The other news is the IPO by ThaiBev for their brewery business. Will there a special dividend or should I get the new IPO shares? It is still too early to decide, and I will be monitoring the news closely. 

For the last month of the year, I have no plans to buy anymore stocks from the market as there might be a need to utilize cash for possible upcoming corporate actions by Frasers and ThaiBev.

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