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March 2019 Portfolio Allocation Update

Stock Allocation No change for the month of March as the stock market continues to stay buoyant.
Inverted yield curves are backed in limelight and the market did a selloff briefly. But it seems that investor are already numb to the news and the market recovers quickly. An inverted yield curve does…

Apr 2019 Singapore Savings Bond and SIA Bond

Although the March issue's interest rates were not as attractive as the month for Feb, it was still oversubscribed and only those who applied below $38,500 were fully allocated. The increase in demand was probably due to the increase in Individual Limit and the permit to use SRS funds to purch…

February 2019 Portfolio Performance Review

Since Inception (Including Dividends)
Total Portfolio Unrealised Gain/ Loss: $26,118.65
Total Portfolio Realised Gain/ Loss: $68,786.99
XIRR: 5.63%

This month clocked in a fall in realised gain due to the lock in of the loss from accepting M1 VGO. Despite the drop, overall performance has improved and …

Interview with an Investor of Hyflux

Firstly, this post will not be me doing some hindsight analysis telling you that Hyflux has negative cashflow and then trying to sell you a course on how to identify companies like Hyflux. This post is an interview with myself, aka SingularityTruth, on what I currently think and feel about what is…

February 2019 Dividend Collected

Dividend payout for the month of February 2019

Average Monthly Dividend (YTD): $970.55
Total Dividend Collected to Date: $76,796.99

There is not much to update for this week so I will just end with a quote by Oaktree Cap…

February 2019 Portfolio Allocation Update

Stock Allocation Change Log Added CapitaR China TrAcceptance of M1 VGO The deal for M1 has finally gone through and I am happy with outcome. With more than 90% control, M1 will be taken private and delisted. I am now left with a small portion of Singtel and Starhub which both of them are not doing v…