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Portfolio Allocation (August 2019)

Stock Allocation
Change Log Bought UOBBought DBSBought OCBC BANKApplied CAPITAR CHINA TR with excess Portfolio Allocation
Due to the escalation in trade war and rates cut, STI has retreated in August and I took the opportunity to do some accumulation. The banking sector caught my attention and I ma…

September 2019 Singapore Savings Bond

Application Closes: 9.00pm, 27 Aug 2019
Details on this month SSB can be found on SGS website.

The interest rates for SSBs continue to fall in August after the Fed cuts the interest rate by 25 basis points end-July. The cut would help to stimulate the slowing economy. It is still unclear whether th…

Portfolio Performance (July 2019)

Portfolio ReturnSince Inception (Including Dividends) Total Portfolio Unrealized Gain/ Loss: $48,592.62 Total Portfolio Realized Gain/ Loss: $93,546.72  XIRR: 7.44%
Portfolio Value
Due to the offer for 800 Super, some of the unrealized gain was realized. This also resulted in a drop in portfolio v…

Dividend Collected (July 2019)

Dividend collected for the month of July 2019: $171.81
FRASERS CPT TR Dividend (YTD): $9,265.83 Average Monthly Dividend (YTD): $1,323.69 Total Dividend Collected to Date: $84,121.72

Just a short update. As expected, July is a month with low dividend income, with Fraser CentrePoint Trust the only o…

Portfolio Allocation (July 2019)

Stock Allocation Change Log Accepted 800 SUPER offerBought SYSMA Portfolio Allocation

Finally received the payout from 800 Super which means I had officially exited the position. The payout was delayed and I only received on 15 July as my holding is with a custodian and not in CDP. If my holding is…