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Portfolio Allocation (June 2019)

Stock Allocation Change Log Accepted FRASERS CENTREPOINT TR NRO with excessBought ASTREAVB290620 After a month of falling in May, STI staged a strong rebound in June. Instead of selling in May and go away, I did my accumulation in May, and so far the results have been very positive. As the market i…

July 2019 Singapore Savings Bond

The Fed has decided to hold the interest rates steady for now but hints that rates would be cut if the trade wars continue to affect the economic growth. This resulted in the market to rally. The interest rates for July's SSB has also improved slightly compared to the previous issue but is lik…

Portfolio Performance (May 2019)

Portfolio ReturnSince Inception (Including Dividends)
Total Portfolio Unrealized Gain/ Loss: $$42,168.44
Total Portfolio Realized Gain/ Loss: $$73,860.50
XIRR: 6.42%

Late in posting this as I did a post on Astrea V first.  Portfolio return remains flat for the month of May as the incoming dividend…

Astrea V Class A-1 PE Bond

Astrea V Class A-1 PE Bond Summary S$180 millions offered to retail investors38 PE funds consisting of 382 companies3.85% per annual (semi-annual interest payment)Mandatory Call date 20 June 2024 (5 Years)Maturity 20 June 2029 (10 Years)Closing date: 18 June 2019 12:00 NOONMinimum application of $2,…

Dividend Collected (May 2019)

May is the month where most of my dividends come in. This year is no different although the dividend received is lower than the previous year.

Dividend collected for the month of May 2019: $3,881.60

Portfolio Allocation (May 2019)

Stock Allocation
Change Log Bought FRASERS CENTREPOINT TRBought ST ENGINEERINGAs STI continues to trend downwards for the month of May, I took the opportunity to accumulate a few stocks. I bought FCT before XD/XO as I would like to get more new shares for the preferential offering and at the same t…