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Jun 2019 Singapore Savings Bond

Both the 1-Year and 10-Year interest rates are on the downtrend since the start of the year. The global economy growth is expected to slow down due to the ongoing trade war between US and China resulting in the long term interest rate to fall. The market could be volatile in the near term and the …

Dividend Collected (April 2019)

Dividend collected for the month of April 2019: $490.22
TEMASEKB231025IS USD ASIA BONDIS US ASIA HYG Not much dividend received for the month of April. But this month will be a bumper month as most of the dividends will be coming in. I track dividends on the payout date instead of ex-Date as it is …

April 2019 Portfolio Returns

Since Inception (Including Dividends)
Total Portfolio Unrealized Gain/ Loss: $45,584.08
Total Portfolio Realized Gain/ Loss: $69,978.90
XIRR: 6.52%

Portfolio returns (realized and unrealized) reached an all-time high in April overtaking the high in last January 2018. Sadly, unrealized gains are fleetin…

Portfolio Allocation (April 2019)

Stock Allocation Change Log Bought FRASERS PROPERTYSold AIMS APAC REIT The rally continues into April and STI has reached closed to 3,400 points which is around 6% increase for the month and 13% increase for the year. It is harder to enter the market during a rally as most of the stocks would seem …

New DBS Multiplier. Great Disappointment.

The first thing I check when I woke this morning was the new changes in DBS Multiplier account. It is with great disappointment that it remains status quo, at least for me. I was hoping that DBS Multiplier will up the cap of $50,000 to $75,000 after SDIC increases the amount insured by banks, but …