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Mar 2019 Singapore Savings Bond

The demand for the Feb issue of Singapore Savings Bond was weak and everyone who has applied was fully allocated. The interest rates for this month issue are lowered than the previous month for both the short and long term, which is why it is not that attractive for me. Although the interest rates…

January 2019 Portfolio Performance Review. Final Farewell to M1.

Since Inception
Total Portfolio Unrealised Gain/ Loss: $13,479.14
Total Portfolio Realised Gain/ Loss: $75,378.86
XIRR (Including dividends): 5.61%

January result was exceptionally good as the market turned bullish. My portfolio has moved from a region of unrealised loss to a significant unrealis…

January 2019 Dividend Collected

Dividend payout for the month of January 2019
SINGTELNIKKOAM SGBD ETF January is one of the months when there is not much dividend payout so this will be a short update. Most of the dividends will be coming this month instead, especially from the REITs. The news that US and China are unlikely to m…

Why I Use XIRR and How I Calculate It?

Firstly, I would like to start by saying that this is how I calculate XIRR for my portfolio and this may not be the right way to do it. If I remembered correctly, using XIRR to track your portfolio is controversial and there are people who think XIRR should not be used and there are different ways…

January 2019 Portfolio Allocation Update

Stock Allocation  Change Log
Added NetLink NBN Trust My initial plan was to start portfolio capital injection in Feb but the market has turned bullish so quickly that I decided to do a round of capital injection first. I will still continue to add to my portfolio in the next few months.