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Portfolio Allocation (November 2019) - Mapletree and Ascendas

Stock Allocation Change Log Allocated MAPLETREE COM TR PO with excessSold MAPLETREE NAC TRBought ASCENDAS REITApplied ASCENDAS REIT R with excess Portfolio Allocation
There was quite a significant amount of capital injection, due to the Mapletree Comm Trust PO and Ascendas REIT rights issue, for th…

December 2019 Singapore Savings Bond

Application Closes: 9.00pm, 26 Nov 2019
Details on this month SSB can be found on SGS website.

Without any surprises, the rates for SSBs continued to slide. The 10-year interest rate has dropped to the lowest since inception which is at 1.71%. Does the economy really looks so bleak in the future? Th…

Closed Position in Mapletree NAC Trust and Portfolio Performance (October 2019)

Portfolio ReturnsSince Inception (Including Dividends) Total Portfolio Unrealized Gain: $60,858.02 Total Portfolio Realized Gain: $96,549.89
XIRR: 7.72% Portfolio Value

This week, I closed my position in Mapletree NAC Trust after reading that one of the malls under the REIT, Festival Walk, was targete…

Initiated Position in Ascendas REIT and Dividend Collected (October 2019)

Dividend collected for the month of October 2019: $878.30
Dividend (YTD): $13,419.00 Average Monthly Dividend (YTD): $1,341.00 Total Dividend Collected to Date: $88,274.89

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! The last trading day of the week …

Portfolio Allocation (October 2019)

Stock Allocation
Change Log Allocated KEPPEL DC REIT PO with excessSold FAR EAST HTRUSTBought IS ASIA HYG S$DBought NIKKOAM SGBD ETF (SRS) Portfolio Allocation

The market ends on a high note in October. I did quite a few transactions and some housekeeping for the month. 
Firstly, I received the all…