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Opinion on Factor-Based Investing Strategy

Recently, I came across the term 'factor-based' investing and decided to take a deeper look on whether this strategy could be applied to my investment portfolio.
Factor-based or risk-weighted investing is a diversification strategy that determines how one should allocate stocks in their p…

Singapore Savings Bonds as Pseudo-Savings Account

The 1-year interest rate for this month SSB has reached the highest at 1.80% since inception. The increase is in tandem with the increase in interest rates by the US Federal Reserve. We are still looking at a flattening yield curve trend as the short term rates are catching up with the long term r…

5-Year T2023-S$ Temasek Bond Buy! Buy! Buy!

This is the first time Temasek has offered a 5-year bond, T2023-S$, which will be listed on the SGX and made available to the public. The offer is up to S$400 million, with potential upsize to S$500 million if oversubscribe. The bond has an interest rate of 2.70% per annum payable semi-annually. A…

Updates on Portfolio Realized and Unrealized Profit

My portfolio has swung back into the positive region from last month bad result due to the fall of 800 Super. This month, the spotlight is now on M1 as Keppel and SPH bid for majority control over M1. The general offer price of $2.06 is at 26% premium of the closing price before trading was halted…

September 2018 Dividend Collected

Dividend payout for the month of September 2018

Average Monthly Dividend (YTD): $1,463
Target Total Dividend for 2018: $16,000

In my previous post, I have compared my portfolio to the Morningstar® Singapore Yield Focus Index and both p…