Portfolio Allocation (September 2019)

Stock Allocation

Change Log
  • Allocated CAPITAR CHINA TR PO with excess
  • Applied KEPPEL DC REIT PO with excess

Portfolio Allocation

In early September, I was almost fully allocated for my application in CapitaR China Trust PO. This resulted in the Trust moving to the 6th largest holding in my portfolio.

For this September update, I took the snapshot of my portfolio on 1st Oct instead of the last trading day of the month, as I wanted to wait for the allocation result for Lendlease IPO. As mentioned in my previous post, I applied for the IPO. But luck was not on my side and I did not manage to get any allocation. The demand was very hot and it was over 14 times oversubscribed. It opened higher than the IPO price on the first day. 

The last time I failed to get an IPO was SPH REIT.  It is always a great disappointment when you failed to get an IPO and the IPO ended up opening higher, but life goes on. I will be focusing my cash on the upcoming preferential offering by Keppel DC REIT and MCT. I have already applied for the KDC REIT and is pending the result of allocation. I am not hopeful of getting much excess after the price rallied post announcement.

The next PO by MCT will also be another exciting one as they will be acquiring MBC Phase II where Google is one the tenant. I will also be interested to apply for the PO with excess once the details are out. I will be saving my cash for the PO and a significant amount will be required since the new shares are in the $2+ range.

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