Dividend Collected (December 2019)

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Dividend Collected 2019

Dividend collected for the month of December 2019: $1.22K
  • ASTREAIVB280614
  • SPH
  • ASTREAVB290620

Dividend Collected to Date

Dividend (YTD): $16.98K
Average Monthly Dividend (YTD): $1.41K
Total Dividend Collected to Date: $91.84K

Dividend by Month (Since inception)

This week was a pretty volatile week as we nearly witness the start of a war between US and Iran. I was quite surprised by Iran's response which showed extreme restraint and deescalate the situation. At the same time, I was also quite impressed by US ability in a precision strike without any collateral damage. I guessed the message sent was a pretty strong one, which is they could take out anyone. After a whipsaw in the market, it has regain lost grounds and probably the bull will continue to run in the near term. 

There is a potential listing of a UK REIT, Elite Commercial REIT. So far, I do not see any hype around the REIT and the sensing is that the sponsor is cashing out as the properties are bought for around 1 year only. I will probably take a look again when the prospectus is out.

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