Portfolio Allocation Review (May 2021)

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Transaction Summary for May 2021
Finally, the month of May has passed and hopefully, the selling will pass too. The month started off with heavy selling but has since rebounded by the end of the month. I bought during the dips for the US market but did not manage to do any purchase for the local market as the retracement wasn’t very big. It also lasted only for a day, the day when Phase 2 heightened alert was announced.

One of my transactions done was the closing of my position in DBS. The main reasons are the selling of shares by the CEO, and that the price of DBS is reaching close to all-time high. I would have held longer if not for these reasons. I do not think anything bad is happening to DBS, and will reenter again if there are retracements. In any case, I still have both UOB and OCBC in my portfolio.

The PO for MIT has commenced and I will be subscribing with excess. This is one of the rare PO where the price of the rights is still at a discount. The previous POs I was entitled to will have their main share price dropping to close to the PO price which makes it less attractive. This is a good chance for me to accumulate too as there isn’t much good deal for the local market at the moment.


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