Review on Investment Blogs

    The following are some of the blogs which I read and my opinion of them. There are many other blogs which I also read to learn from their portfolio composition and to look for investment ideas.

    Financial Horse

    Financial Horse is currently my most read investment blog which has many articles with good content. They provide holistic analysis beyond the facts and figures which could be found in annual reports.

    Singapore IPOs

    Singapore IPOs is a must read for any upcoming IPOs as it saves you a lot of time of having to go through the prospectus yourself. One thing that I do not like is the way they rate the IPOs. Sometimes it seem that the ratings are based on short-term factors, i.e. flipping, and sometimes it seem to be based long-term factors. 

    Investment Moats

    Investment Moats has been blogging for a long time and is one of the blogs I read when I just started investing. I read less of their articles now as their articles are a bit lengthy and focus mainly on becoming financial independent or freedom, whatever you called it.

    The Fifth Person

    Good to read their AGM articles as it will save you time from reading annual reports. But the articles are simply figures from annual reports without any analysis.

    Singapore's Budget Babe 

    Probably can blog about everything from the 'cost-saving' perspective and therefore the one with the most advertising articles. Selectively reading it if product is of interest.


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