Dividend Collected (August 2020)

Dividend Collected to Date

Dividend Collected in 2020

Dividend by Month (Last 5 Years)

Top Dividend Contribution (Last 12 Months)

Dividend collected for the month of August 2020: $2.95K
Dividend (YTD): $12.87K
Average Monthly Dividend (YTD): $1.60K
Total Dividend Collected to Date: $104.71K

The top dividend contribution for the last 12 months is now helmed by Sheng Siong after dethroning Mapletree Commercial Trust. MCT has its DPU cut recently due to the pandemic and is expected to be muted for the remaining of the year. The dividends in August were largely driven by Sheng Siong and CapitaLand. With only 4 more months to go for the remaining of the year, I hope that the total dividends collected this year will still exceed last year despite the cuts in dividends for many of my counters.

This week, we saw volatile market movements as the US markets went into correction. It is unclear whether the market will continue to fall or rebound back even higher. I have intention to buy on the dip but so far, my position in the US market are still in the green, so I think I will wait a bit more.

As for the Singapore market, most people are focused on medical stocks or penny stocks, and REITs and banks are probably going to remain stagnant for quite some time. I don’t see a need to do any accumulation and will just wait for the FCT preferential offering.

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