Dividend Collected (January 2020)

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Dividend Collected 2020

Dividend collected for the month of January 2020: $0.77K
Dividend (YTD): $0.77K
Average Monthly Dividend (YTD): $0.77K
Total Dividend Collected to Date: $92.61K

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The DORSCON level has been raised to orange as the situation continues to deteriorate in Singapore. I am not optimistic about the situation and I think we are just following in the footsteps of Wuhan. Community spread will continue to widen and accelerate as time goes on if we continue adopt a life as usual mentality. Big events are not cancelled and people are moving around without face mask. 

We are still early from the peak of the outbreak. The tipping point will be when the medical services are fully stretched similar to Wuhan. Not sure why no one asked what is capacity of our hospitals and at what at level is it currently. We are not like China where we can build a 1000 beds hospital in 10 days as we lack the resources and manpower.

The economy will be hit hard without tourism as Singapore becomes a virus 'hub'. People will start staying indoors and retail spending will drop drastically. People are already hoarding necessity from supermarkets last night. Again there was control on how much you could buy. By now, I guess rice and instant noodle would probably be in shortage. That is how gloomy I viewed the situation as of now. I will not be doing any transaction in the market anytime soon and will just let the portfolio generate dividends for now.

Be prepared and stay safe. 

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  1. When businesses are hit, the dividends payout will also be hit.

    So we should expect both the share prices and dividends to be lower going forward.

    However, I think the virus infections will taper off by mid to end Mar 20, as countries get better prepared, more people recover and immunity rises as well as when warmer weather comes around.

    Thus as investors, the window of opportunity to pick up bargains, would be from this period to mid to end Mar before the market recovers strongly. When you see fear and big sell- down, this is where opportunities abound.


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