Portfolio Allocation (January 2020)

Stock Allocation

Portfolio Allocation

There was no transaction for the month of January 2020. 

It was a bad start for the year of 2020 with the Wuhan virus dominating the headlines. The situation is still evolving and it seems to be getting worst. The virus is spreading rapidly across China and is starting to spread globally. The number of confirm cases are raising in thousand daily and I believe that the numbers are under reported. The number are much lower due to the limitation of test kits available in China. People are also not able to go to the hospital to seek medical help as transportation has been halted. This is why I guessed that the number of infected cases should be a lot higher than reported.

In Singapore, the situation is not any better. There are already 16 confirmed cases and we are in one of the top in the tally. I personally felt that the border controls were implemented too late and the response by the government was reactive instead of proactive. The control of sale for face mask was also slow resulting it been wiped off the shelves. 

As for the market, I think STI tanked better than what I had expected and the correction was minor. But the situation has not peaked yet so there are possibility of further corrections. I will be monitoring and will accumulate when the situation is more stable.

I will not be applying for the Elite Commercial REIT IPO. The main reason is because it is listed in pounds and therefore the increase in forex risk. The market has came down and I think there will be better opportunities out there in the market.

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