Portfolio Performance Review (June 2021)

Total Portfolio PnL

As of 30 June 2021

Since Inception
Total Portfolio Unrealized Gain: $72.52K
Total Portfolio Realized Gain (Including Dividends): $147.79K 
XIRR: 7.42%

Portfolio Market Value

Portfolio Market Value (excluding Cash and SSBs)

Total profit reached all-time high in June as I took profit and exited my Semi-Con ETF and switched to holding individual stocks in the Semi-Con sector. Coupled with the Nasdaq-100 reaching all-time high resulted in the good performance. Retracement has just started this week as Tech started to sell down and I have started my accumulation in the US market.  On the other hand, China Tech which was sold down previously is slowly recovering.

Dividend remains the main driver of profits as most of my portfolio are income focused with less than 10% in the growth sector. Personally, I think it requires more effort and it is harder to maintain a growth portfolio as you need to decide when to enter and when to exit a position. As for dividend stocks, I pretty much can buy and hold forever, not looking at the price at all. But growth stock is more exiting and provide the adrenaline when the price moves. 


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